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Instructional Systems Design

ISD is the practice of designing, developing and delivering instructional products and experiences (both digital and physical) that create an efficient, engaging and inspiring acquisition of knowledge.

Software Development Cycle

Health IT Training Services

Our team utilizes instructional technology to provide leadership support and health IT training resources. This often involves: 

  • Encouraging leaders to become involved in training innovations that increase their exposure and ongoing awareness of various training innovations available.
  • Providing leadership with organizational adoption information and implementation strategies for facilities outside and inside government program offices
  • Utilizing planning, adoption, and implementation processes for instructional design and technology innovation to train users on new hardware and software. This training focuses on documentation, testing, learning, growth & development.
  • Technical writing and editing, which involves designing new or editing existing online instructional materials to accurately reflect your goals. Editing services can include: modification, content flow adjustments, summarization, and documentation. We determine the state and needs of the learner and define the end goal of instruction (which is observed and measured through instructional design models, such as the ADDIE model, with the five phases: analysis, design, development, implementation, and evaluation)
  • Developing curriculum by systematically organizing content and learning objectives based on the ADDIE model, Dick & Carey, Bloom's Taxonomy, Gagne, and Mager's guidance.
  • Providing evaluation strategies to further customize your curriculum
  • Developing training strategies by analyzing your potential training needs and applying various training delivery strategies for: Instructor-Led Training, Training the Trainers, eLearning Services, Print-Based Instructional Materials (Technical Manuals, User Guides, & Curriculum Guides), Subject Matter Expert (SME) Consultations, and Course Development